Project Management For Food Factories of the Future (PM3F)

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Why the 2nd year master’s degree Project Management for Food Factories of the Future ? (PM3F)

The international master of science dedicated to students for whom innovative food factory makes environment sense.

The objective of PM3F is to train the future project leaders or supervisors capable of managing complex and innovative engineering projects in the domain of Food Process Engineering and Food Production, with strong skills and concerns in environment and energy efficiency within an international context.

Oniris is an Elite Graduate School specialized in Food Sciences and Food Processes Engineering, under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture.

All teaching will be in English.

This master's program aims to develop learners' skills such as :

  • Managing food companies with a concern for the sustainability and energy efficiency of processes
  • Using modeling, simulation and reverse engineering for the optimization of food processes
  • Managing interculturality in an international context
  • Developing a food product based on the diversity of ingredients available today and on the understanding of their functional properties related to transformation processes
  • Getting the fundamental elements of Food Safety Management and an overview of Risk Analysis
  • Being able to determine the shelf life of food products with regard to their microbiological safety and to anticipate the impact of new trends in the food industry
  • Being able to characterize both solid and liquid foods with advanced analyses tools
  • Choosing the best technology to ensure optimal processing of food products
  • To understand the issues of the cold chain

 To develop these skills, our teaching focuses on :

  • Food Engineering and Food Science
  • Food Safety and Quality Management
  • Product Innovation and Food Safety
  • Advanced tools and Methodologies for food characterization
  • Innovative Food Processing
  • Energy and Sustainibility
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Communication and Leadership for Engineers
  • Laboratory Project
  • Internship in Industrial Companies or in Research Units

6 month internship in industry or laboratory.

Download HERE the catalogue of courses.

The main employers of Master's graduates are :

  • Food and related industries (Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical)
  • Equipment suppliers and manufacturers
  • Technical Research Centers
  • Engineering firms

The professions occupied by our graduates are :

  • Project Engineer
  • Exploitation or Production Engineer
  • Consultant Engineer
  • Research & Development

PM3F graduates can go into PhD programs.

243€ for European students (reviewed yearly).

3770€ for non-European students (reviewed yearly).

How do you validate your visa ? What are the documents you needs to study in France ? And many other pratical information in this page ! 

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The PM3F Master's brochure

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