Oniris, a key player for global challenges in higher education

Oniris is proactively committed towards the internationalization and requires its students (Veterinarians and Engineers) to enhance their training by discovering other cultures and working methods.

Oniris is open to the world, and has developed privileged partnerships in Europe, South and North America, and more recently in Asia. Students in both programmes can spend academic periods within a network of partners that is enriched by the ERASMUS+, BRAFAGRI, ARFAGRI and ARFITEC programmes.

100% of engineering students move abroad for at least 3 months

As of 2019, every Oniris Engineering student in the "classical track" must have completed an international mobility of at least 3 months to graduate. This system will later be extended to the apprenticeship sector.
Mandatory international mobility, for the classical programme, must be carried out during the second year, in the form of a one-semester academic mobility, or in the form of a 16-week internship in a company or laboratory between the end of the second year and the beginning of the third year.
Oniris also offers three double degrees with Brazil, accessible after having completed semesters 5 to 7 at Oniris. Then, students complete three academic semesters in the partner university and one semester of internship in a company. They then obtain both diplomas if they have met the specific requirements of Oniris and the partner University.

An international opening of at least 6 weeks for all Oniris Veterinarian students

Veterinarian students, for their part, must complete 6 weeks of international mobility during their course, either in the form of an internship, or in the form of one or two academic semesters.


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