Fall semester in English at Oniris

The Food Engineering Technopole, located on the campus la Géraudière, is composed of Oniris, a Graduate School which offers Master & Engineer and PhD degrees (since 1973), the National Institute of Agronomic Research (since 1976) and a new building (since 2018) where start-ups and research units can interact.  

Fall Semester Study at Oniris

Courses taught in English within the Food Science & Engineering program

Nantes, France - from September to January - for exchange students at Upper-undergraduate level.

Launch into the fast growing industries of Food,
become a changemaker in Quality / Sustainability / Innovation

Nantes, European Green Capital 2013

Capital of the County Pays de la Loire, Nantes is also the main city of Western France, with 600 000 inhabitants and 60 000 students.

Nantes can be easily completed in 2 hours from Paris by train, and is served by an international airport. 

With a great range of cultural and recreational activities, Nantes is a great place to live, and at only 1 hour from the several seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast.

Oniris is ideally located on the Géraudière Food Science Campus, where scientists from Oniris, INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) and Cap Aliment1 can interacts to develop research, training and innovation.

1A selected resource center gathering industrialists, researchers and training institutions dedicated to the agri-food systems and sporty by the County Pays de la Loire.

Participation costs

Participation and registration fees are free of charge for students from our European and Non European partner Universities.

Accommodation, transport and food costs remain the responsibility of the students.


Final year undergraduate students - Students with a BSc - Graduate students

in Food Science / technology – Chemical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering - Biotechnology

Each student can select from the following no more than 30 credits (a minimal of 20 credits must however be selected)

5 ECTS = approximately 3 US credits

A B2 level English Proficiency is required to apply
Number of hours ECTS
Food Science and Engineering basics1 42 3
Introduction to Food Safety and Quality Management1 22 1.5
Advanced tools and methodologies for food characterization1,2 36 4
Product innovation and food safety Management1,3 25 1.5
Energy and Sustainability1,2 60 5
Advanced Process Control1,2,4 30 4
Innovative food processing1,2,3 70 7
Communication and Leadership for Science and Engineering Professionals1 20 2
Data Science – Basics and exploration5 32 3
Data Science – Explain and predict5 19 1.5
Innovation and Creativity : design thinking at the service of engineers 42 3
Baking Technology 19 2
Baking process 16 1.5
Food freezing and thawing 22 2
Fruit Juice Technology 12 1



1 courses partially shared with graduate students from International Master’s degree in Project Management for Food Factories of the Future (PM3F).

2 courses partially shared with graduate students from Oniris Department of Food Process Engineering

3 courses partially shared with graduate students from Oniris Department of Food Science

4 courses partially shared with graduate students from Oniris Department of Biotechnology

5 courses partially shared with graduate students from Oniris Department of Management, Statistics and Communication

The courses not partially shared with Oniris graduate students or PM3F graduates students may not be opened if the number of registrants is insufficient.

Contact: iro@oniris-nantes.fr