Carnot label

France’s Carnot label was created in 2006. Its purpose is to develop partnership-based research. In concrete terms, this means research carried out by public laboratories alongside socioeconomic players – mainly businesses, from small firms to large groups – to meet their needs.

The Carnot label is granted to structures in public research – Carnot institutes – that carry out research that enhances their scientific and technological proficiency and that actively apply a determined policy in partnership-based research that brings socioeconomic benefits.

Oniris is a member of two Carnot institutes through its research in the units BIOEPAR and GEPEA, which offer their expertise at a national and international level in different forms, including direct research, collaborative research, tests and trials on technology platforms, consultancy, and shared laboratories.

France Futur Élevage is a network of academic research laboratories and agricultural technical institutes dedicated to promoting R&D collaboration and innovation transfer within the livestock industry. France Futur Élevage coordinates and offers high value-added, multidisciplinary research and innovation to companies, professional organizations and players in the livestock sector.

France Futur Élevage brings together world-renowned agro-veterinary research players and the expert R&D know-how of three of the world's leading agricultural technical institutes.

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Projects carried out with France Futur Elevage (F2E)

  • SEPTIME: A sensor-enhanced projection tool that uses an epidemiological model: a decision-support system that pairs real-time sensor data with a mechanistic epidemiological model of bovine respiratory diseases. Link to project presentation.
  • PIROGOTICK: Equine piroplasmosis in France: inventory and seasonal variation of ticks among equids – genetic diversity of the two causative agents: Theileria equi and Babesia caballi. Link to project presentation.
  • FEEDLAME: Lameness in young bovines and finding ways to bring this under control. Link to project presentation.
  • AIDAV: Innovative approaches for detecting respiratory viral agents in bovines. Link to project presentation.
  • PRIMASCREEN: Validation of complex primary cultures for screening immunomodulatory compounds.

Carnot Qualiment® supports companies in their efforts to innovate in the human food sector, through projects to improve and develop food products in line with consumer expectations. Qualiment® offers its private-sector partners a range of cross-disciplinary skills, providing the scientific and technological resources needed to develop better-produced, better-constructed, better-perceived and better-adapted foods.

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Projects with QUALIMENT

  • NUTRIG: Impact of the combination of foods in a meal on the bioavailability of nutrients and the glycaemic index.
  • FROMASDIG: Combination of an instrumented masticator and an instrumented digestor to study the role of texture in cheeses and plant substitutes in the outcome of compounds with sensorial and nutritional interest all the way along the digestive tract.
  • CAPS: Alternative cooking of dry cereal products.
  • EXOTICA: Wet process extrusion to produce processed foods made from insects and microalgae.
  • PROTECT’: Use of protective flora in pasteurised foie gras: an alternative to replacing nitrites?