Knowledge test for veterinary surgeons whose diploma is not automatically recognised in France for practising veterinary medicine and surgery

For veterinary surgeons whose diploma is not automatically recognised in France, authorisation to practise veterinary medicine and surgery depends on them passing this test.

French citizens or citizens of another EU member state, citizens of Switzerland, or citizens of a state that has an agreement with the European Economic Area, who hold a diploma, certificate or qualification in veterinary medicine that is not mentioned in Articles L 241-2 to L 241-5 of France’s Rural and Sea Fishing Code and who would like to practise veterinary medicine and surgery in France, should request authorisation from France’s ministry of agriculture and food sovereignty.

First, they have to successfully prove all their knowledge in an examination, the terms of which are defined in the French decree of 19 September 2023 relating to the 2024 knowledge assessment tests for veterinary surgeons whose diploma is not automatically recognised in France.

The board of examiners is determined each year by ministerial decree. The board of examiners includes lecturing researchers from France’s four national veterinary schools, representatives of France’s ministry of agriculture (public agencies under the ministry’s aegis in food safety, animal health, agroecology and consumer protection) and representatives of France’s national association of veterinary surgeons.

Registrations will be open from September 25, 2023 to January 30, 2024

Please note: the decree determining the organisation of the knowledge test has been modified. Please take note of the following: the new documents to provide, including a letter that details the applicant’s path taken, work experience gained as a veterinary surgeon, motivations, and career plan; the changes in points assessed and in the oral and practical examinations. 
The next session will take place from 23 to 25 April 2024 on Oniris VetAgroBio's veterinary campus (the Chantrerie site), if the health situation permits this.

Documents to download for putting together an application

Regulatory references and information

•    Decree of 7 December 2022 on members of the board of examiners, other than ex officio members, for the examinations for the year 2023
•    Decree of 18 January 2021
•    Decree of 21 May 2004 (list of qualifications)
•    Decree of 4 July 2022 on examinations for the year 2023 for the knowledge test (download)

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