The PhD degree, training for research through research

The PhD degree takes three years to complete in a doctoral school. You can take a PhD degree once you have been awarded a qualification at master’s level or an equivalent level.

Oniris is accredited for issuing PhD degrees in three doctoral schools:

  • VAAME (Plants, Animals, Foods, the Sea and the Environment)
  • BS (Biology and Health)
  • SIS (Sciences of Engineering and Systems)
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Based on the subject of a thesis, a PhD student carries out a research project under the responsibility of one or several PhD supervisors in one of Oniris’s research units.

This thesis can be carried out in partnership with a private firm as part of a special French CIFRE contract (which allows a PhD student to take their PhD degree inside a firm) and/or internationally, for example as part of dual supervision with a foreign institute. It involves original scientific work and leads to a viva in front of a board of examiners with the aim of achieving the academic status of doctor.

During this course, the student is paid (or receives a grant), so the PhD degree can be considered work experience.
It is possible for the PhD degree to have an international dimension through the EIR-A course with the Agreenium alliance, of which Oniris is a member, and through partnerships with the host laboratory.

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