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Unit presentation

LEMNA is a Nantes-based research unit in economics and management (EA 4272) that brings together 200 researchers, PhD students and lecturing researchers in economics and management science from Oniris, the University of Nantes (IAE Nantes school of management and Nantes university institute of technology) and the Institut Mines-Télécom school of engineering and technology.

LEMNA is organised into three research areas: Business, Work and Society (ETS); Finance, the Environment and the Sea (FEM); and Organisation, Information and Performance (OIP). Each of these research fields is divided into subfields and brings together specific research groups on growing areas of interest that relate to today’s social and societal concerns, like well-being at work; information and communication technology and its impact on organisations, markets and people; innovation and entrepreneurship; and the maritime economy in the face of changes and risks.

More specifically, Oniris’s lecturing researchers at LEMNA carry out research on ‘sustainable production and feeding’. They especially focus on innovation strategies in food industries, on the impact of different forms of localness on organisation and consumption, and on processes that steer ill people towards better nutritional combinations.

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Research themes

  • Eco-innovation
  • Circular economy
  • Sectors
  • Labels
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Proximity
  • Nutritional Alliance
  • Health
  • Persuasion

Director of LEMNA :

Benoît SEVI

Oniris Unit Manager :


The unit at a glance

The Laboratoire d'Économie et de Management Nantes-Atlantique (EA 4272) is a multidisciplinary research center in economics and management sciences.

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