Working at Oniris

Joining Oniris, a public higher education and research establishment, means...

  • Join a multi-disciplinary environment thanks to the wide range of professions within the establishment (teaching, research, technical and technological facilities, animal care, etc.),
  • Join a friendly, dynamic environment,, with a contractual framework that allows you to balance your professional and private life,
  • Enjoy a great quality of life in the Nantes metropolitan area,
  • Join a school where your commitment and desire to progress will be matched by your personal development.
More about the school

Oniris is a public higher education and research establishment under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty (MASA). The institution is headed by the Director General, assisted by a Deputy Director General and supported by the General Secretariat. The Managing Director is responsible for leading the establishment's policy.

However, as with any public institution, the main decisions in the life of Oniris, such as the budget or the opening of a competition for research professors, are decided by the Board, a body made up of members of staff, administration, students and outside personalities.

Oniris has a staff of around 600. Half are government employees (civil servants and contract staff), the other half are recruited from the institution's budget. Although all staff have different statuses and contracts, they are all subject to the duties and obligations that apply to all civil servants, as set out in the General Civil Service Code.

Useful documents

OTM-R Policy at Oniris

Oniris’ open, transparent and merit-based recruitment policy for researchers and teacher-researchers (OTM-R)