Research at Oniris

Oniris  research activity is focused on Food and Human & Animal Health.  Research is organized thematically by  nationally recognized units.  Oniris  also offers research facilities and services which are organized according to methodology.  The research horizon has recently been broadened thanks to the merger between the National Graduate Institute for Food Technology (ENITIAA) and Nantes National Veterinary School. This new venture will integrate these two  scientific fields which are at the center of today's issues concerning Health and Nutrition.  Oniris is now co-accredited by or associated to 4 regional doctoral schools, thereby making a major contribution to the research domains of the future.

Research Programs

To best meet the challenges of Human and Animal Health and Food, and in partnership with INRA, CNRS and INSERM, research units of Oniris develop their work around four main areas themes:

Research Units


Structuring the research Oniris based on the establishment of four research departments, associated with four main themes, based on 14 recognized research units.

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Research Platforms

ONIRIS has a policy of setting up technical and methodological platforms to be used by internal and external research units as well as the local industry. ONIRIS has established strong partnerships with important national research organizations (INRA, INSERM, CNRS) and local regional bodies.

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Training by and for research

Given the wide range in research options for both the Food Science & Engineer and Veterinary programs, Oniris is co-accredited with the Universities of Nantes and Rennes I for  Masters Degrees in Biology, Medical and Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering Sciences, and Food and  Chemical Engineering and especially in the following areas.

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ONIRIS is accredited for Doctoral Degrees under the PRES label (regional federation of Universities:  University of Nantes, Angers, and Le Mans).  Oniris is co-accredited in the doctoral Schools 492 VENAM (Vegetal, Environment and Nutrition, and Sea food) 495 SPIGA( Engineering Sciences, Geosciences, and Architecture) and 502 Health/Biology.


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International relations

The development of an international culture is a major goal. To that purpose the school leads a number of actions involving the whole Oniris community

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