Project Management For Food Factories of the Future (PM3F)

The international master of science dedicated to ENGINEERS for whom innovative food factory makes environment sense

PM3F is a 2 years integrated specific curriculum of a Master of Science in Process and Bioprocess Engineering accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This MSc involves 2 other curriculums, PM3E and MBE and is jointly developed by Oniris1, IMT Atlantique2 and Polytech Nantes3 on the strength of their common Research Unit GEPEA4.

All three of them are accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), the French institution which awards engineering degrees.

1Oniris is an Elite Graduate School specialized in Food Sciences and Food Processes Engineering, under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture
2Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique is an Elite Graduate School specialized in digital technology, energy and environment, under the aegis of Ministry of Industry and digital sector
3Polytech Nantes is the Graduate Engineering School of University of Nantes, under the aegis of Ministry of Research and Higher Education
4GEPEA (UMR CNRS 6144) is a Excellence Joined Research Unit of the CNRS, classified amongst the top 10% of Research units in France by the HCERES commission

The objective of PM3F...

is to train the future project leaders or supervisors capable of managing complex and innovative engineering projects in the domain of Food Process Engineering and Food Production, with strong skills and concerns in environment and energy efficiency within an international context. 

bâtiment futuriste

The program is taught 100% in English…

and combines Scientific and Technical projects and also Management courses.

The first two semesters are common with the PM3E MSc and take place at IMTA, which offers a balanced program of basics in engineering sciences, management, process engineering, modeling and control, with a large focus on environmental issues.

The third (academic) and fourth (master thesis) semesters constitute the PM3F specialty and take place at Oniris-Graduate School of Food Sciences and Engineering – France, where emphasis is given to innovation in food processing, with large concerns in energy efficiency and process control.

A significant part of the 1st year program is also devoted to social sciences for project managers, whereas a significant part of the 2nd year program brings to the students mandatory basics in food science, food engineering and food safety.

Oniris and IMTA established close relationships with industries.

Please note:

Free French language classes, rooms available in both campuses (Oniris and IMTA), scholarships opportunities, possibility to continue in PhD… 

The program aims to give...

a strong scientific background and technical knowledge in environmental and energy processes

A good know-how in process modelling and simulation, especially in Food Processes

Cross-disciplinary management skills essential to set up and pilot projects in an international context

A significant grounding of social sciences for engineers

International and professional experiment

Lecturers from French, European and non-European universities

Lecturers from Academia and Industry

1st year / University of Hong Kong (China), Queens University (Canada), Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom), KTH (Sweden), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.), Indian Institute of Technology (India), University of Compiégne (France), IMTA

2nd year / University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Grove City College (PA, USA), University College Dublin (Ireland), Oniris

Job opportunities

After completion of the program, PM3F graduates can find career opportunities in close connection with industry, in fields such as food and related industries, equipment suppliers and manufacturers, technical research offices, engineering firms.

PM3F graduates have the possibility of doing a PhD and pursuing a career in research and development.

Selection procedure

It is a two-year Master’s degree.

  • Candidates with a Bachelor of Science degree will enroll in the first year of the Master’s degree (Master PM3E, Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique, Nantes), specifying PM3F as 2nd year expected. Please upload the required documents for PM3E/PM3F application on the dedicated online platform.
  • Candidates with at least a 4 year Bachelor Degree or First year of Master’s degree can ask to enroll directly in the second year of the Master’s degree. Candidates must have a good knowledge in, not necessarily all, but a majority, of the following fields: Chemical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Physics, Chemistry.
    In this case, please contact the coordinator, with the following documents: cover/motivation letter, official copies of transcripts from Bachelor Degree / 1st year Master degree, English level (attested by B2 score as defined by the council of Europe), and recommendation letters.

A committee consisting of professors is charged of selecting the applicants, based on the following criteria :

  • C.V. / Resume
  • Motivation letter
  • Applicant's previous grades, scores and recommendations
  • English level
  • Working or training experience
  • Description of the professionnal plans after the PM3F program
  • Reference letters

Please upload the required documents for PM3E/PM3F application on the dedicated online platform.

Dedicated platform

PM3F Organisation

Program Structure

1st year - program structure at IMTA

Semester 1 | Basic Sciences
UV ST1 Transfer Phenomena 4 ECTS
UV ST2 Introduction to Energy and Environmental Issues 3 ECTS
UV MIG1 Foundations in Mathematics 4 ECTS
UV MIG2 Foundations in Economics 3 ECTS
UV MIG3 Putting Innovation Into Practice 3 ECTS
UV SSG1 Management 1: Foundations 4 ECTS
UV SSG2 Organization Science 3 ECTS
UV PR1 Project 1 4 ECTS
UV LV1 Language 1 2 ECTS
Semester 2 | Eco Technologies and Environment Process Engineering
UV ST3 Environment and Process Engineering 3 ECTS
UV ST4 Incineration and Waste Minimization 3 ECTS
UV ST5 Air and Soil Remediation 3 ECTS
UV ST6 Water Treatment Processes 4 ECTS
UV ST7 Water Strategies and Innovation 3 ECTS
UV ST8 Process Modeling, Simulation and Control 4 ECTS
UV SSG3 Management 2 : Risk Analysis and Environment Management 4 ECTS
UV PR2 Project 2 4 ECTS
UV LV2 Language 2 2 ECTS

2nd year - program structure at Oniris

Download here the catalogue of courses

Semester 1
UV ST9 Introduction to Food Engineering and Food science 3 ECTS
UV ST10 Introduction to Food Safety and Quality Management 3 ECTS
UV ST11 Advanced tools and methodologies for food characterization 4 ECTS
UV ST12 Food Processing 7 ECTS
UV ST13 Energy and Sustainibility 5 ECTS
UV ST14 Advanced process control 3 ECTS
UV PR3 Project 3 ECTS
UV LV3 Language and Intercultural Communication 2 ECTS
Semester 2
FEM Master Thesis 30 ECTS
Une cuve dans une industrie agroalimentaire

MSc PM3F at a glance

  • Course structure

2 year-full time program made of 3 academic semesters + 1 Master thesis (6 month paid internship in industry or laboratory).

  • Course language

100% English taught

  • Teaching staff

International Faculty mixing Academia and Industry experts

  • Intake

One intake per year in September

  • Degree obtained

Master’s Degree

  • Accreditation

Ministry of Higher Education and Research

  • Pathway options after graduation

  • Work in Industry (Project Engineers, Consultants, Development Engineer, Production Director, Manager of Research Institutions, etc.)
  • Continue in PhD

Also included into the MSc

  • Internship (master thesis)
  • Project Management
  • Professional coaching
  • Company visits
  • Conferences/seminars related to the MSc
  • Intercultural seminar
  • French language and culture classes


The PM3E/PM3F MSc program is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is credited 120 ECTS and allows students to continue in PhD.

Participation costs and possible scholarships

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