Man-Imal Master's Degree : From Animal To Man

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Introducing MAN-IMAL Master's Degree

Why the 2nd year master’s degree Man-Imal ?

The MAN-IMAL Master's "From Animal to Man: Analysing and Managing Health and Food Risks" is a post-graduate degree programme based on the ‘‘One World, One Health’’ concept promoted by the WHO, FAO and OIE.

To cope with the new issues on Public Health and Food Safety linked to our globalised, industrialised society, this formation trains students (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, scientists, food-processing engineers) to new job profiles.

Engineered by a pedagogical team of over 80 experts: research professors from a variety of disciplines (agronomy, medicine, veterinary studies, biology, pharmacy, law, economics), and numerous professionals from the same fields, the programme benefits from the support of each partner's research units.

The curriculum strongly emphasises the pedagogical use of ICTE allowing for maximum, individual progression within the programme and the learning processes.

Due to the international focus of MAN-IMAL, all courses are taught in English and students, as well as professors, from all over the world are welcome.

The program is dedicated to acquiring theoretical knowledge, tools and methods. Cross-disciplinary courses are provided to develop :

  • The ability to work as a multidisciplinary team
  • Skills to identify the complementary partners required for case solving

To develop these skills, our teaching focuses on :

  • Epidemiology
  • Risk and Nutritional Contamination/Transfers
  • Production Chains
  • Biological Risks
  • Chemical Risks
  • Health Organisation and Policies
  • Management and Communication

The assessment of knowledge is organised in continuous assessments and final examinations. Different assessment methods are used: written assignments, presentations, tutored project and internship report.

During the second semester, students do an internship of 5 to 6 months, whose subject is directly related to the man-imal themes, in a professional environment, in France or abroad.

This internship leads to the completion and defence of a Master’s thesis.

Teaching takes place at Oniris (Food Science Campus and Veterinary Campus) as well as at the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes University.

The main employers of Master's graduates are :

  • Health risk assessment agencies in France and in Europe
  • the Ministry of Health
  • Food-processing and pharmaceutical companies
  • Research and development offices
  • Agricultural organisations
  • Association of farmers
  • National and international public and parapublic health organisations

The professions occupied by our graduates are :

  • Consultants and experts
  • Senior Level Scientist  for the assessment and expertise of Health and Food Risks
  • Researchers in the field of Zoonosis, Human Nutrition, Animal and Human Health, R&D directors...

243€ for European students.

3770€ for non-European students.

5 international financial aids will be awarded based on merit. Campain closed since March 31st 2022.

Financial aid application

This master welcomes students from various fields :

  • Medicine-Pharmacy
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Agricultural or Food-processing engineering

Master 2 application procedure for the year 2023-2024

  • For students falling under the "Etudes en France" (studying in France) procedure, complete your application via "Etudes en France" plateform. Only application submitted via Etudes en France will be considered. 
    List of the 67 countries which are affected by this procedure.
  • For students coming from a country that is not part of the "Etudes en France" procedure, please download the application form and send it with all the required documents as refered in it to
     -> Deadline to submit  your application : 15th March 2023.
  • Specific to Pakistani students : please download the application form and send it with all the required documents as refered in it to
     -> Deadline to submit application : 15th March 2023.
  • For French or European students : please download the application form and send it with all the required documents as refered in it to
     -> Deadline to submit your application : 18th April 2023.

How do you validate your visa ? What are the documents you needs to study in France ? And many other pratical information in this page ! 

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The Man-Imal Master's brochure

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