Teaching Units and Departments

Department of Biology, Pathology and Food Sciences

  • Nutrition and endocrinology

  • Pharmacology

  • Molecular, cellular and functional physiology

  • Histology and veterinary pathology

  • General pathology, microbiology and immunology

  • Industrial biochemistry of food

Department of Farm Animal Health and Public Health

  • Food quality and hygiene

  • Farm animal medicine

  • General parasitology, livestock parasitology, wildlife and fish pathology

  • Regulated diseases, zoonoses and sanitary regulations

  • Zootechnics, economics

Department of Clinical Sciences

  • Domestic animal anatomy

  • Anesthesiology and surgical pathology

  • Dermatology, parasitology of carnivores and horses, mycology

  • Internal medicine, medical imaging and veterinary professional legislation

  • Reproduction pathology and biotechnologies

Department of Food Process Engineering

Department of Management, Statistics and Communication

  • Sensometrics and chemometrics

  • Economics, management, communication

  • Foreign languages