Equine pole

Oniris is a preferred interlocutor of the Pays de Loire équine sector. Its localisation near the urban center offers an easy access for the external client.

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Training center

Veterinary training

Common core of education (2nd year) : teaching of basic sciences and clinical disciplines.

4th year "all clinical" : teaching of basic gestures for horse health.

5th year « Speciality » : This year is an interface to prepare students to work for a mixed clientele including equine sector, or to ensure an activity in a hospital specialized in horses. It’s often a first step before specialisation in horse health. The theoretical part of the training is organised in collaboration with the veterinary colleges of Toulouse and Alfort, the practical one takes place in the form of work experiences in Oniris hospital and with external clients.

A Horse Clinical Internship, which programm permit to the candidates to acquire in-depth expertise in medecine, surgery, reproduction, and the entire affiliated disciplines (anesthesiology, imaging…).

Training of the specialists (résidents) in surgery, reproduction and horses internal medicine.

Oniris has its own livestock of female and one stud used for the teaching of semiology and propaedeutics.

Training for the équine sector professionnals

In addition to initial training of veterinarian students, Oniris proposes:

Post-graduate teaching for veterinarians

Teaching for equine sector professionals : future coaches, farmers and farriers

Clinical center

The clinical pole leans on specialists taking part in teaching and research who are all post-graduate from european colleges (ECVS, ECEIM et ECAR).

The pole benefits from high-technology equipments and infrastructures. The school has a surgery block associated with 2 wake-up boxes with guarantees of security. One consultation room is equiped with a specific floor.

Racehorses can be evaluated on a high-speed treadmill.

Consultation sector

Internal médicine

Surgery sector

Orthopaedic surgery
Soft tissues surgery
Chirurgie de coliques



Clinical center

The center brings technical support and expertise to the professionnals  (veterinarians, coach, horse riders...).
It has got

A surgery platform
 with state-of-the-art equipements :

- Interventional imaging

- Orthopaedic surgery (Arthroscopy)

- Soft tissues surgery (laparoscopy)

A medical Imaging platform 
to realise specific exams

- Scintigraphy

- Endoscopy

- Gastroscopy

- X-Rays

A Racehorse évaluation center
- Effort test on track or on treadmill

- Video-endoscopy

A complete analytical platform (hematology and biochemistry, bacteriology, immunology, parasitology, mycology, endocrinology...) in order to realise routine additional exams and  pregnancy diagnostics.

An insémination service station
- Artificial Insemination Center
- Semen production center (Deep-freezing and refrigeration)
- Embryo Transfer Center



Tél. (+33)2 40 68 78 52

Research pole

Research activities in the fields of sportive medicine, biomaterials (rebuilding of cartilage), reproductive and developmental biology and pharmacology.

These programs are led in collaboration with INSERM, INRA, Franck Duncombe departmental lab, the « Haras Nationaux ».


Tél. (+33)2 40 68 78 52

Oniris is a major actor of the Pays de la Loire equine sector. Its localization near the urban center offers an easy access for the external clients.

Oniris reinforce its support role to the territorial promotion.

Thus, Oniris is a privileged partner of the regional équine sector within its « International Centre For Horse Health » (CISCO). CISCO is supported by the Pays de la Loire Regional Council in the frame of its development policy of "innovation platforms" (PRI).

To attempt its innovation platform objectives, CISCO brings expertise in the fields of health, wellbeing and performance, at a national and international level. This contributes to improve the image of the quality of the equine sector in the Pays de la Loire region and to promote the entire industry linked with health, wellbeing and performance of horses.

Depuis 2012, un "prix Oniris" est au programme des réunions de plat et de trot à l'hippodrome de Nantes. Ces événements sont organisés dans le cadre du CISCO.

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