Work in Oniris

Lecturer in public health and food safety (MC 11-936)

Hosting background

Oniris, a Research and Higher Education establishment, offers an original training, recognised in the field of public health, which integrates the safety, both biological and physico-chemical, of food and the quality of animal productions and their processing. In this framework, veterinarians and engineers, future public health stakeholders, are trained. The training within the host teaching department (DSAESP) develops integrated skills between food safety and consumer’s health. This field is also at the core of the ALIMSCAN research department, which develops within LABERCA, an INRA-Alim H labelled research unit, topics associating the consumer’s exposure to chemical hazards and the consequences on human health.
Vacancy assignment: Breeding Animals Health and Public Health Department (Département d’enseignement Santé des Animaux d’Elevage et Santé Publique, Pr Catherine MAGRAS) and LABERCA (Pr Bruno LE BIZEC).

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