Laboratory for Osteo-Articular and Dental Engineering (LIOAD)

Director - Professor Pierre WEISS

Contact : pierre.weiss(at)

Key words

Tissue engineering / Regenerative medicine / Bone tissue / Cartilage / Materials of biological interest / Release of therapeutic agent / Dental and osteo-articular physiopathology

Research thematics


Biomaterials conception for bone and active pharmaceutical agents controlled release BIOMAT


  • Bone susbsitution:new bioceramics and injectable cements

  • Vertebral strenghthening with Calcium phosphate composites

  • New hydrogels as synthetic extracellular matrix

Bone tissue engineering [ITO]

  • Bone regenerative medicine

  • Hypotrophic bone regenerative medicine (graft, osteoradionecrosis)  

  • Parodontic tissue regenerative medicine


Skeletal tissue physiopathology & cartilage tissue engineering 

  • Study of the role of phosphate transporters

  • Immune response to oral pathogens in dental pulp (role of stem cells) 

  • Articular and disc cartilages regenerative medicine