Unit Food Safety and Microbiology

Unit director : Marie-France Pilet – Assistant Professor

Contact: marie-france.pilet(at)oniris-nantes.fr or contact-secalim(at)oniris-nantes.fr

The missions of UMR 1014 SECALIM consist in producing and diffusing knowledge and scientific methods in the field of the microbiological food safety to meet social demands (consumer, food companies, food agencies). Its research is focused on the control and characterization of microbial risk (pathogens and spoilage bacteria) in meat and seafood products, for public health objectives and control of food waste. Ultimately, the aim of its research is to improve food process management and develop innovative options of risk management.


How bacteria are influenced by their surroundings in food throughout the food chain.
Impact on microbial ecology and hazards?

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