Food contaminants and residue analysis laboratory - LABERCA

Director - Professor Bruno LE BIZEC

Contact : bruno.lebizec(at) or laberca(at)

Key words

Food safety / Chemical hazards / Risk analysis / Body burden / Metabolomics / Persistent organic pollutants / Migrants / Endocrine disrupting substances / Anabolic substances

Research thematics

Study of transfer and biotransformation of chemical contaminants from environment to human through the food chain

  • Study of the metabolism of chemical hazards in humans and animals
  • Study of the behavior and fate  of contaminants through the food chain<//span>

Study of the biological signature characterising the effects caused by exposure to a chemical hazards

  • Studies of contamination profiles (relative proportions of different chemical pollutants)
  • Studies of metabolic profiling (targeted and quantitative measures of a set of endogenous metabolites)
  • Metabolomic studies (non-targeted chemical phenotypes, i.e. metabolic profiles/fingerprints)

Use of metabolites and biomarkers for characterization of human exposure to chemical contaminants

  • Hazard identification and characterization
  • Assessment of food exposure
  • Determination of internal exposure (body burden)
  • Contribution to the risk characterization
  • Support to public authorities