Cellular and Molecular Immuno-Endocrinology- IECM

Director - Professor Jean-Marie BACH

Contact : jean-marie.bach(at)oniris-nantes.fr

Key words

Type 1 diabete / Physiopathology / Biomarkers / Auto-immunity / Integrative biology models / Clinical research

Research thematics

Translational research in type 1 diabete

  • Study of physiopathological mechanisms of the auto-immunity origin and progression of the disease
  • Identification of cellular and molecular biomarkers of progression
  • Immuno-intervention and therapeutic approaches

Auto-immune response modulation by the autonomous nervous system

  • ß2 adrenergic stimulation of dendritic cells

MicroRNAs and type 1 diabete

  • Role of beta pancreatic cells microRNAs in auto-immune pathogenesis