Bone quality and bone microenvironment in bone disease and animal models - QOSMOS

Director - Doctor Eric AGUADO

Contact : eric.aguado(at)

Key words

Bone remodeling / Human bone diseases / Animal models / Biomaterials

Research thematics

Bone quality

  • Analysis in man
    • Pharmacological agent-treated osteoporosis
    • Other minor bone diseases
    • Malignant bone diseases (in case of breast and prostate cancer metastatis)
    • Microarchitecture of cortical bone
  • Analysis in animals
    • Role of porosity on bone quality
    • Role of muscular insertions on bone quality
  • Analysis on biomaterials
    • Quality of newly-formed bone around functionalized implants
    • Implants influence

Bone microenvironment

  • Analysis in man
    • Bone remodeling dysregulations (during mastocytosis, myeloma, B-cells malignancies)
    • Immunohistochemical analysis of bone metastasis
  • Analysis in animals
    • Evaluation of new drugs acting on the cytokine networks of the bone remodeling
  • Analysis on biomaterials
    • Artificial microenvironments to analyze tumor cells migration
    • Autograft
    • Non-resorbable polymers
    • Calcium-phosphate materials