Research Unit Biology, Epidemiology and Risk Analysis in Animal Health - BIOEPAR

Director - Doctor Christine FOURICHON

Contact : christine.fourichon(at)

Key words

Epidemiology / Modeling / Economics / Animal health / Pathogen / Farm animal / Wild animal / Zoonosis

Research thematics

Measurement, determinants and health control of animal population

  • Observational epidemiology (EPID team)
    • Health status and criteria at individual and herd level
    • Risk of disease occurrence or pathogen carriage
    • Effects of health disorders, control actions effectiveness
  • Modeling and decision (MODEC team)
    • Influence of host and vector populations heterogeneity
    • Predictive modeling, epidemiological effectiveness of control stragegies
    • Economic evaluations of control strategies

Pathogen and host-pathogen interaction

  • Variability, infection and pathogenicity (VIP team)
    • Characterization of pathogens and their variability
    • Mechanisms of the pathogen-vector-host interactions

Population of pathogens and vectors

  • Pathogens and vector populations (PVP team)
    • Spatial and molecular analysis of tick populations
    • Spatial and molecular analysis of pathogen populations