Animal Physiopathology and Functional Pharmacology

Director  - Professor Jean-Claude DESFONTIS

Contact : jean-claude.desfontis(at)

Key words

Arterial hypertension / Heart failure / Exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage EIPH / Equine laminitis 

Research thematics

Beta-adrenoreceptors and heart failure

  • Task 1 - Autoimmunity in heart failure:study of macro and microcirculatory dysfunctions.
  • Task 2 - Efficacity assessment of third-generation vasodilating beta-blockers in a spontaneous heart failure model in Cavalier King Charles.

Oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction

  • Task 3 - Endothelial function and anti-oxidant properties of agents from plants extracts or camel milk-casein hydrolysates.

Vascular and respiratory equine physiopathology

  • Task 4 - Physiopathology of vascular and respiratory disorders associated to racing horses performance assessment.
  • Task 5 : Physiopathology and pharmacotherapy of vascular disorders in equine laminitis:study of oxidative stress and vein valves