Research Programs


Four  Scientific areas outline the main framework of the 14 research units and will undoubtedly meet the demands of the crossroads between Human and Animal Health.   These Research Units have partnerships with the National Research Organizations, namely INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), and INSERM (Medical research).

Human Health, Biomedical Research and Animal Models


Research focuses on the pathogenesis of human diseases and on the evaluation of therapeutic strategies, especially cellular and genetic using animal models.

Oniris Research teams have strong ties to the Nantes Research Health hub thereby contributing to the understanding and treatment of human diseases.

Health Control of Animal Husbandry

Research relates to:  the biology of pathogenic agents in Livestock; animal disease epidemiology; biological and chemical contaminations of food during industrial processing; and chemical contaminations of the environment related to animal husbandry system (ie drugs). These activities aim at developing risk-analysis methods in order to work out and evaluate decision-making strategies.

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Food Quality and Safety


Research teams contribute to the production of Foodstuffs of good sanitary, nutritional, and organoleptic quality. 

Food Processing, management, and Sustainability

Research teams conduct studies which focus on the needs and demands of  the Food Industry. These include studies ranging from manufacturing to management thereby contributing to the design and assessment of food processing technology. The main aim is to create innovative and sustainable means of production that are compatible with overall company strategy as well as consumer demand.