Research Platforms

Oniris has a policy of setting up technical and methodological platforms to be used by internal and external research units as well as the local industry.

Oniris has established strong partnerships with important national research organizations (INRA, INSERM, CNRS)   and local regional bodies.

The Four Platforms at Oniris are :

Bio-therapy and Animal Pathophysiology Platform

This is a  collaboration between ONIRIS and the French Association against  Myopathies and  INSERM.  This multi-disciplinary platform regroups the vector amplification laboratory of INSERM , the Boisbonne Center, the expertise Platform of Oniris/INRA on veterinary pathology.

The Boisbonne Gene and Cell therapy Center is unique in Europe. Animal care houses, laboratories, standardized operating rooms are available for research upon request.  Animal well-being is a main concern for scientists, doctors, and  animal caretakers who combine their skills for the purpose of carrying out experimental protocols that will eventually lead to gene therapy on humans.

Center for Pre-clinical Research and Investigation

The Center for Pre-clinical Research and Investigation (CRIP) focuses on research dedicated to biomaterial, metabolic diseases, and cancerology. CRIP has facilities in order to carry out all stages of experimental procedure.  This includes experimental animal unit, experimental surgery,  medical imaging, and functional exploration (Scintigrophy, MRI, Scanner, PET Scan) as well as an array of methods for biological and morphological analysis (biochemistry, veterinary pathology, immuno-monitoring).

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Environmental Veterinary Platform

This Platform federates and coordinates service activities for the evaluation of infectious and chemical risks for the health of ecosystems.  This includes scientific and technical support; applied research and development.  This center gathers the infrastructure and equipment as well as the expertise which lies in its multi-disciplinary skills ( biology, ecology, epidemiology, infectiology,) and a network of specialists.

Such a structure with veterinary specificity is unique in the western past of France, involving mainly two scientific centres : the Ecosystem and Wildlife Veterinary Centre and the Environmental and Poison Centre of the West.

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Analytical Chemistry Platform

This Platforms offers methods for the identification of molecules with unknown structures, or for the amount of analyte traces in complex biological matrices. The Platforms offers internationally recognized state-of-the-art analytical techniques and specific know-how. ONIRIS Platform of Analytical Chemistry has got the specialists and the adequate equipment for specific fields :

- low and high mass resolution spectrometry 

- bi-dimensional spectrometry 

- isotopic spectrometry

- spectrometry coupled with all kinds of chromatography (high efficiency liquid or gaseous phases, thin layer) for determining exact masses, supporting structural elucidation or measuring organic component traces.