ONIRIS is accredited for Doctoral Degrees under the PRES label (regional federation of Universities:  University of Nantes, Angers, and Le Mans). Oniris is co-accredited in the doctoral Schools 492 VENAM (Vegetal, Environment and Nutrition, and Sea food) 495 SPIGA (Engineering Sciences, Geosciences, and Architecture) and 502 Health/Biology.

Thanks to its specific research units which groups more than 130 scientific domains  (of which 60 are accredited for research). There are 75 doctoral candidates. Thus, ONRIS is actively involved in the training of scientists in the fields of bio-medical research, health of livestock animals, quality and safety of foodstuffs, human nutrition, food processing technology, and environment. 

- Doctoral School SPIGA (ED 495) Ecole centrale, Univ-Nantes, Univ-maine, ENSTIMN, Oniris

- Doctoral School  VENAM (ED 498) Univ-Angers, Univ-Nantes, Univ-Maine, Agrocampus ouest, Oniris

 - Doctoral School Biologie-Santé (ED 502) Univ-Nantes, Univ-Angers, Oniris