Co-operative work study programme

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In partnership with the training center for apprentices at Jules Rieffel Agricultural high school in Saint Herblain, ONIRIS offers an engineering program in Food Science and Engineering.

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An alternative to regular degree programs 

The two aspects of the program contribute to the diploma whilst ensuring that all the skills and competencies outlined in the engineering program are acquired.

During the work study program, the company ensures the acquisition of key skills in the missions given to the students.

Admission of work study students

Work study students are admitted via a competitive exam system to the ONIRIS engineering program (4 national exams 2 internal exams).

Once enrolled, students interested in the Work Study progam must submit a professional project in order to be considered for selection.

The selected candidates must find a company in the food sector which is ready to meet the work study program requirements. After agreement, a contract is signed between the apprentice and the company for a 3 year duration (trial period : 2 months). 

The strengths of the course

For the student

To acquire the professional skills and competencies of an engineer in the food sector through concrete missions within the company.

To foster career development and opportunities in light of 3 years practical experience.

To benefit from salaried work and financial help for transport accommodation and meals.

For the company

To introduce students to company culture and know how

To attribute projects for the students to manage independently

To prepare future executives

To benefit from state incentives

Personalised supervision

The work study contract designates a tutor to guide the students during the 3 year training in the company. An informational meeting is organised by ONIRIS and by Jules Rieffel in order to help the company and tutor guide to evaluate and liase effectively. 

ONIRIS Tutorials

The person in charge of the co-operative work study program co-ordinates the pedagogy and is the link with the companies where the students work. A researcher in the school oversees the applied scientific aspects of the work study experience for each student.

Modalities of the Work Study program

After the first two months as a regular student the work study student starts the alternating work study program (96 weeks in work) and 60 weeks in ONIRIS (see calendar below).

During the first two years the engineering students follow a common core program (technical and scientific). The third year focuses on production and processing in order to prepare the student to be fully operational in the work environment. A final practical study is conducted during a 6 month internship.

As stipulated in the course guidelines a 4 week stay in a foreign country (during company time ) must be carried out. 


Contacts :

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